From Wikipedia: Open source is a set of principles and practices that promote access to the design and production of goods and knowledge. The term is most commonly applied to the source code of software that is available to the general public with relaxed or non-existent intellectual property restrictions. This allows users to create software content through incremental individual effort or through collaboration.

Dyne:bolic: a LiveCD Linux distribution with a focus on multimedia production, and is distributed with a large assortment of applications for audio and video manipulation. dyne:bolic is based entirely on free software, and is recognized by the GNU project for this characteristic. Read more here.

Ubuntu: a predominantly desktop-oriented Linux distribution, based on Debian GNU/Linux but with a stronger focus on usability, regular releases, and ease of installation. Read more here.

For Dyne:bolic:

  • Go to
  • Click Download in left column.
  • Click on Free Software Foundation (USA) in middle left of screen.
  • Select dyne-2.4.2.iso.
  • Download to Desktop!

And Ubuntu:

  • Go to ‘s download page.
  • Select whether you want to download it straight to your PC or Mac, buy Ubuntu on CD, or request free CD’s from Ubuntu.
  • For all purposes: I’ve selected a desktop edition, the type of computer I’m on, and what location is nearest to me.
  • Download.

Easy, peasy.

I’m still a PC girl, and as much as I bitch about Windows, like the fact that my laptop came bundled with Works (a set of programs that is even less effective and more mind-numbing set of programs that I have yet to encounter)– I’m set in my ways.

That and despite, how much I’m continously find myself attracted to ipods, iphone, and ilife— I take a minute to reassure myself that Mr. Mac, Justin Long, though cute is a B-list actor while PC’s John Hodgeman is a correspondent for the Daily Show and writes for The New York Times, The Paris Review, Wired and McSweeeney’s. Hodgman also contributes to Public Radio International’s “This American Life” and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Wiretap. Hodgman is also the author of The Areas of My Expertise.

Don’t believe the iperbole.

Career Meme:

  • Go to
  • Put in Username: nycareers; Password: landmark.
  • Take their “Career Matchmaker” quiz.
  • Post the top ten results.


1. Special Effects Technician
2. Power Plant Operator

3. Printing Press Operator
4. Fashion Designer
5. Dental Lab Tech
6. Costume Designer
7. Sign Maker
Flight of the Conchords
8. Set Designer
9. Animator
10. Graphic Designer
11. Film Editor
12. Artist
13. Upholsterer
14. Bookbinder
15. Film Processor
16. Makeup Artist
17. Composer
18. Medical Illustrator
19. Film and TV Crew
20. Vending Machine Servicer
21. Automotive Painter
22. Director of Photography
23. Automobile Assembler
24. Jeweler
25. Craftsperson
26. Potter
27. Crane Operator
This may not be the right crane.
28. Disc Jockey
29. Manufacturing Machine Operator
30. Truck Driver
31. Train Operator
32. Computer Animator
33. Magician
34. Sound Technician
35. Production Woodworker
36. Heavy Equipment Operator
37. Picture Framer
38. Furniture Finisher
39. Musician
40. Sheet Metal Worker

Unfortunately, chimney sweep and/or mortician have yet to show up on my list. I actually retook this, changed the my level of education — and the results are drastically different, and slightly more accurate. I think that ^ is funnier though.