Things have been bit of a blur lately:

See what I did there?I had a critique earlier this afternoon– and I’m fourth of the way to graduating. I’ve still got three more classes to prepare work for, which means that by next Monday I will have finished the following:

  • 2 more paintings (at least), an artist statement and self-evaluation form for Adv. Painting
  • 15 unmounted photograph for an Independent Study

And lastly: a small animated short for Digital. I’ve been taking things one day at a time. As the semester rounds out, I’ve been thinking more about this blog, and whether or not I should continue to use this — and more importantly how. Whether it should be strictly art and academic related– and used more of as a way for me to flesh out or document the actual studio process and possibly demonstrate my prowess with blogging in general, and maybe for museums in particular. Or, alternatively, used informally as a way to document what I’m interested in — that isn’t necessarily art-related.


What throws another kink in this that I’ve been asked by my friend, Cory, to contribute to his music blog, Wayside, as well–and I’m afraid of running the risk of rendering myself redundant. Hm.

Sidenote: As of this moment I’ve logged 2,291 hits since I’ve started this in August.
Just today, I’ve had 21 views. Weird.