Taken from the official Watchmen blog which is surprisingly enough maintained by Zach Snyder. Watchmen is set to hit theaters in little less than a year from now. I’m still maintaining my initial reservations about the film. I’m still of the mind that the Alan Moore’s masterpiece would be better served as a mini-series since it is so complex and convoluted, and frankly I don’t think most moviegoing audiences will get it. Trust me, I have enough of a hard time trying to explain what happened with House of M, Civil War and Infinite Crisis and why it is that no one really dies in comic books to “the normies” (Thanks John for that term) on a regular basis.

That being said, if the pictures are an indication of what the film might be like– I may have to bite my tongue. Silk Spectre, on the other hand looks like she just escaped from The Incredibles. Lady, those high heels are so not gonna help you.