Panic at the Disco’s “9 in the Afternoon”, whose title of their latest single chronologically doesn’t make sense and really bothers me for some reason.

While I’m currently not that much of a fan of their music, I do appreciate watching their videos as I will pick up subtle inspirations from unusual and unexpected sources that affects the way I look at things, what I create, how I chose to carry myself, and sometimes how I dress.

My favorite part of the video is the parade at end where the entire band decides to march around in little more than a pair of long underwear. I suppose the closest approximation for the average consumer would be to find a pair of feety pajamas. And while I like the idea of feety pajamas, just imagine going to bed, in one simple stream-lined garment that’s no fuss (no need to worry about matching separates or having your clothes twist about and constrict you, etc.)– I can’t possibly wear them as while my entire body is freezing all of the time, especially my hands for some reason, my feet start getting all clammy and sweaty as soon as they hit the sheets.

Which is why I think these long johns from American Apparel are kind of perfect.

And the best part is that they’re footless. I am so into these right now, that if someone were to send me a pair I would not only wear these to bed, but I would them out in public with a pair of snowboots (as it’s currently 29 degrees and snowing, wtf Colorado; c’mon it’s April!) but also to Panic’s next show in Denver in May should anyone gift me with both a ticket and the aforementioned article of clothing because Grandma is poor and ain’t too proud to beg. Plus it’d be hilarious. Especially if I had a few beers in me, and had to figure out how exactly to go to the bathrooom in a dignified manner in those.

PS. Bonus!

Cypress Hill’s “Rock Superstar”