I am a compulsive list maker. I can’t do anything without having a list either being typed up, written up by hand or in my mentally bookmarked in my head. I’ve been in the process of streamlining and essentially in the process of a “life makeover”. Which hopefully does not sound corny and all new-agey to you as it does me. But there is no other way that I can describe it right now.

I threw away all of my old boxes that were in the attic, with the lone exception of a theater chair that I lifted from my a dumpster behind my high school, because at the time I was a nerdy theater fag. I’m actually going to be tossing that this week — once my schedule manages to align with that of my neighborhood trash collector.

Actually, I was just corresponding to my best friend about this as I’m writing this, and she seems to be of the mind that I was the “token art chick who everyone was afraid of and smoked in the woods during her lunch breaks”. Sweet, upgrade!

That being said here are my current lists. Because if I don’t write shit down, shit doesn’t get accomplished.

Things to Buy in Manner of Pertinence:

  • An all-in-one (fax machine, scanner, copier and printer)
  • A Wacom tablet
  • A watch
  • Card case
  • Work-appropriate clothes

What I Really Want to Blow My Money On:

  • A flat iron
    Which technically can be written off as a work-related expenditure.
  • A new outfit for my ipod
  • CD’s, DVD’s, other media
  • Clothes that are not work-appropriate

Things That I Will Most Likely Purchase Instead: A BRAND-NEW WINDSHIELD FOR MY CAR.
Thanks to the near blizzard-like conditions on Wednesday and Thursday, my windshield cracked again. Awesome. Awesome. Come on Colorado, give me a break, here.

Actually considering that my windshield has 4+ cracks in it right now. Stop giving me breaks, hay-o!