Things That Are New:

  • Patrick Carvalho Dumont just added me as one of his links to his website.
  • My two-month-old laptop is now severely malfunctioning and both Dell and Best Buy are giving me the run-around right now, and no one wants to take accountability for it. Boo-urns.
  • I paid off my student loans in full.
  • Hooray, for working two jobs, 6 days a week, and never being any fun or going out with anyone ever. At least I’m debt-free at the moment.

  • The possible internship in Dallas that I was excited about? Guess they passed on me, I got an e-mail around the first week of May, that said I was going to hear by the 9th about whether or not I got it. I’m thinking not as it’s the 15th. Damn.Guess I’ll just have to keep plugging away, and move to Plan B. Save and move. Those of you need of a roommate in a major metropolitan city should hit me up.
  • Latest Collaboration That I’m Feelin:
    Michael Gillette’s (Blog, Website) been tapped by Penguin Books to paint 14 covers of the Bond books in a new redesign of the book jacket, and are slated to be released in hardcover on May 29th just in time for what would have been Fleming’s 100th birthday. Some of my favorite covers from the set:

    Latest Droppings* on Wayside:

  • Is it Summer Yet? Isht
    Songs to listen to just as it’s getting warm.
  • Shampoo
    Music from inside a salon.
  • Cinco De Drunko
    Help us celebrate the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla. Actually, that won’t work unless you have a time machine. Do you have a time machine?
  • Mid May Isht.

    The New York Time: When is a Fashion Ad Not a Fashion Ad?

    * Haha, I wrote droppings.