Here’s what I pulled off YouTube after watching the trailer off of the official Watchmen blog, and trying to fight with DailyMotion’s embeddable menus. As of right now, I am clearly not intelligent enough to post something other than YouTube that is a video. I’ve already wasted about 10 mintues of my time, and am not willing to invest anymore to it. Those of you who have any advice or suggestions please let me know.

My official party-line regarding the movie is that I’m reserving all judgement until I see it on the silver screen. This has been my stance on Dark Knight, which I’m actually seeing next Tuesday gratis, and the latest installment of the Hulk movies. I usually go in with very low expectations, as I’ve been burned before by franchises, I’m looking at the entire Schumacher Batman ouevre (for those playing at home that would be both Batman Forever and Batman & Robin), and the third installments of the Spider-man and X-Men trilogies.

After watching the Watchmen (ha) trailer, I’m a little nervous. Based on the production photos of the Watchmen, and more importantly the Minutemen:

I’m getting nervous. Because I think Snyder (with the exception of some nitpicky bits) might be able to pull this off– and if he does, holy shit.

Some Nitpicky Items Which I May Be Able to Get Over:

  • Rorscach’s voice. This is of course based on one line of dialogue.
  • Where the hell is The Comedian’s domino mask? It’s in production photos, so why is not in the trailer? It’s actually a large component of his costume, his character, and well– there’s also the secret identity thing to maintain.
  • The music used in trailer. It took me a couple of listens, but I placed it. The song in the trailer is actually a slowed-down version of The Smashing Pumpkins’ “The End is the Beginning is the End“, which ironically enough was one the Batman & Robin soundtrack. This is not a good thing. I’m going to ignore this initial misgiving, and hope that Snyder is making a commentary on superhero movies, the genre, as the graphic novel was to the medium.

Please do not screw this up. The Watchmen is quite possibly one of the most important books of the medium. It’s a deconstructive, multi-layered narrative which frankly might be a little too dense as a feature film, and should ideally be shot as a week-long miniseries.

Aw man. now I’m invested. I anticipate there to be much pain on my part, as I’m starting to feel glimmers of hope. And as we all know, hope leads to doubt, which leads to pain, which leads to me crying and binge-eating (maybe).