Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Click on the following links for Acts I, II, and III at DrHorrible.com for a limited time for free, or purchase all three thirteen-minute long acts for $1.99 apiece.

Oh Joss Whedon, you had at me at NPH.

And here’s a teaser, the last song of the second installment wherein Doctor Horrible (who holds a hold a PhD in horribleness), vows to destroy his arch-nemesis superhero Captain Hammer after he admits to wooing Penny, Horrible’s love interest, and wanting to bed her only because he knows the Doctor is carrying a torch:

Whedon and company haven’t actually named any of the songs as of this moment– speculation will most likely be laid to rest once an album is released, Once More With Feeling style. Though fans, ok probably just me and that guy have been calling the aforementioned ^ “You’re Gonna Die”.