I’m been spending the last couple of days reading thru a ton of home decorating and design blogs lately, and stumbled upon Theselby: Photos in Your Space featuring the work of Todd Selby. Selby’s site is what I imagine the lovechild of Apartment Therapy and Last Night’s Party to look like. It features the apartments and homes of New York and LA taste makers, and is what you’d imagine to look like: a lot of mid-century modern furniture, antlers, artfully arranged decorations on the wall, and a perfectly edited (and ironic) selection of books arranged on coffee and end tables. I’m more interested personally in the ephemera on the fridges and bulletin boards. And sticker art.

Leslie Arfin.

Brian Lichtenberg.

Chrissie Miller.

Mark the Cobrasnake.

Man, I miss collecting stickers. Don’t you? I miss glitter stickers, puffy stickers, stickers with googly eyes on them, smelly stickers, Lisa Frank stickers, animal stickers, stickers with skulls and skeletons on them, skateboarding stickers, stickers with cartoon characters on them, etc. All of that. I say we bring that back. This is also in part due to the fact that I am undergoing a massive room overhaul at the moment. In order for my pending move come Spring (fingers crossed) I am getting rid of a lot of stuff. And organizing stuff. And consolidating stuff. Which means for example, I just spent all of last weekend, when not at work going thru about 4 years worth of pictures and placing them in actual photo albums.  I currently have 5 unadorned photo albums in dire need of decoration of some sort. This is where you come in.

E-mail me at peterson.jessie@gmail.com, and I’ll send you my address and you can send me stickers!

If you want, I’ll send you a letter, write a haiku, draw a small picture, etc. Or nothing at all. Your call.