Every couple of months, the Urban Outfitters in Philly, asks local artists to make an installation in the set of windows facing the Institute of Contemporary Art, in Philadelphia, PA. Currently it’s “Your Message is Here” by Shauna and Stephen of Something’s Hiding in Here.

“Inspired by industrial letter signs, multi colored text, and everyday sayings… we made our own marquee sign out of wood (see more photos here). Now the fun part begins, we want to collect your messages to post on the sign. We’re not looking for insightful proverbs, but rather ordinary, simple sentiments”

Shauna and Stephen will be changing the verbage on the sign daily, so get in on the action by commenting here. I mean — I did it. If you don’t live in Philly (it’s ok, neither do I), you can get daily updates by checking out the installation’s blog here.

“Sept 5th.”

“Sept 7th.”