Artist Joey Leung Ka-yin graduated with a BFA, and then later a MFA at the Chinese University Hong Kong. I can’t really comment on the text used in most of Leung’s work as I don’t speak or read Catonese– but you’d be a fool to not notice that she approaches traditional Chinese artwork with a sense of joviality and humor, combining one’s own personal narrative with that of modern Chinese popculture.

“The Blossoming Black-Head Mushroom”, 2008.
Drawing pen, color pencil on paper.
145 x 285 cm.
This one kind of just socked me in the stomach. I love how visceral my reaction to piece. For example, I am simultaneously in love with this and at the same time creeped out/grossed out by this– as I have terrible adult acne, and this drawing is an everyday reality for myself. And well I’m afraid I might be developing a low level version of trypophobia.

“Lotus Soup” from Lotus Series, 2005.
Chinese ink and color on silk.
39 x 30 cm.

“Banana Soup”, 2006.
Drawing pen on paper.
48.5 x 250 cm (8 pieces).

Joey Leung Ka-yin, (Website)