Just something that I’ve been on the lookout for. My plan is to close this month with another grownup purchase, the purchase being a new watch. The last one I had was a digital Nike sports watch that I found my sophomore year of high school in the yearbook room, that I wore every day until it broke my sophomore year of college. And prior to that– I’ve worn mostly watches from cereal boxes and Happy Meals. It’s time to step up my game.

Though what I’ve noticed that most women’s watches are mostly decorative, and aren’t really serviceable in any functional or utilitarian fashion. Must be that in lieu of actually using watches, we all check the time via our cell-phones and PDA’s.

Here’s what I’ve been looking at:

Betsey Jonhnson Red Studded Bangle:

  • Looks pretty.
  • I like studs.

  • I’ve got small wrists so a bangle would just slide up and down my arms, all the time.
  • I don’t own anything red, that isn’t a gym bag.
  • The plastic makes it look cheap.
  • I don’t like telling time on analog watches.

Marc Jacobs’s Molly Watch:

  • I would have the same watch as one of my best friends.
  • It’s super cute.

  • Kind of expensive. I do not want to be paying 200 dollars for watch, considering that I work with my hands a lot– and it’s bound to take a beating.
  • Analog face.

BCBG Silver Stud Watch:

  • Looks professional, in a vaguely punk-rawk sort of way. (See: I like studs).

  • Most metal-link watches usually catch on my skin, or I am allergic to them.
  • Watch reminds me of my father.
  • Analog face.

TKO’s Milano Watch:

  • Really cute.
  • Large numbers = a watch that I could keep wearing until my twilight years, as my vision starts to fade.
  • Just looking at it makes me smile.

  • Analog face.

Though truthfully, I think it’s really between these two. I can’t decide which color.

The Vestal Monetcarlo in either Black/Steel/Black or Sabbath/All Black. As it’s nearly all leather, has an adjustable strap, and features an analog/digital face. Watch also offers a calendar option that lets the wearer know what time it is.