I recently ripped my favorite pair of jeans last weekend, while sliding into first base during kickball. When talking to one of my male friends about this and bemoaning that there’s no way that I salvage that particular pair, he replied with “the one with zippers?” Secretly, I think most of my dudes are ladies.

For those of you curious, it was a pair of Miss Sixty jeans that were black, faded, low-rise and had zippers at the ankles. Those pants lasted me approximately three years, and while wearing them I have received compliments from both men, women and the gays. I may never find another pair as perfect. Sigh. That being, said I’ve moved onto my backup, my BDG’s* that I bought from Urban Outfitters last Christmas and I suspect might be a little too big for me**. Oh well. So I’m currently on the lookout.

If money was no limit, I’d get these:

The “Flare Leg Jean” from Alexander Wang.
Mostly because I am really loving that zipper. Me and zippers, it’s a thing.

Unfortunately, I am on a budget. This probably works out for the best as I am short, and have a 27″ inch inseam, and I look horrible in flare-leg jeans. I pretty much exclusively wear pants with either a straight or a skinny leg.

byCORPUS Alpha Jean in Black.

BDG Skinny Ankle Jean in “Black Raw”.

Cheap Monday Zip Low Skinny Jean in “Dry Grey”.
Way into that green contrast stitching there.

Cheap Monday Tight Acid Wash Jeans in “Black”.

Blank Back Zip Jean in “Dark Grey”.
Are you sensing a theme here? I pretty much exclusively dress entirely in black, white or gray. This started sometime when I first started doing museum work– continued when I began working at a salon, which requires a strict black/white dress code– and now, it’s gotten a little out of control. Wearing anything with color freaks me out.

I could never date Calvin Harris.

“Colors” by Calvin Harris.

* Readers should note that I currently own 3 pair of jeans now. Is that normal? How many pairs do you own.
** I’ve dropped a pant size from working 40-50 hour weeks, and being stressed out all the time. Go me!