I’ve been working on making a short list of potential grad schools, but it’s been kind of rough– since it’s hard to find pertinent information. Here’s the short list of what I have so far:


  • University of Denver: Museum Studies (Masters), Art History/Museum Studies (Masters).
  • University of Colorado at Boulder Grad School: Museum and Field Studies (Masters)/
    Rumor has it, this program is geared towards working more in a history museum fashion, which is not at all what my focus would be. I want to get back into working with contemporary art.


  • Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: Museum Studies (Certificate).
  • Tufts University (Medford): Museum Studies (Certificate), Museum Education (Masters).
  • Harvard College Harvard Extension School: Certificate in Museum Studies (CMS).
    Me at Harvard?! Hahaha. Sure at the Brain Bank maybe.


  • Duquensne University: McAnulty College and and Graduate School of Liberal Arts (Pittsburgh): Archival Museum and Editing Studies (Certificate, Masters).
  • University of the Arts (Philly): Museum Communication (Masters), Museum Education (Masters), Museum Exhibition Planning and Design (Masters).

New York

  • New York University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: Program in Museum Studies (Certificate, Masters), History of Art and Archaeology, Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, and Curatorial Studies (Certificate, Masters, Doctorate).
  • Christie’s Education: Modern Art, Connoisseurship and the History of the Art Market (Masters, Certificate).
    Just imagine, I could be a real “art connoisseur”. If you think I’m snotty now…

Resources Used: gradschools.com. No really. Is there anywhere that I can find rankings or reputations of schools? I feel like this list should be a lot longer.

After talking to a peer of mine, I would probably have to undertake a year of post-baccalaureate work as well since I graduated with a BA and not a BFA. Christ. I am never getting a real job am I?