I was just on, because I was looking for a song that was stuck in my head (“Destiny” by Krokus if you were wondering) and in the space of five minutes between looking up that song– and checking my messages I got inundated with weight loss ads. Which isn’t that surprising as Gmail sort of has the same creepy, omniscient overlord mentality when it comes to advertising as well. Ever notice how eerily dead on their “Sponsored Links” are to whatever you happen to be writing or reading about?

It’s the fact that Myspace decided to make it a point to “target” women my age, that’s really upsetting me. When I conferred with one of my best friends about it– she mentioned that she that only ones she gets are “for weight loss and engagement rings”. To which I say, come on!

What the hell?! I like my body the way it is. Spare tire, uneven complexion and all. DIAF.