Sine Chris issued a personal fashion edict for herself this year. I think I’m going to follow in her footsteps. While hers was specific: she’s challenging herself to not wear pants in the future, as she wants to slowly transform herself into becoming a whimsical girl blogger*, which I normally hate– by being the type of girl who wears only skirts and dresses. I– well, I’ve got a lot more to work with. I’m kind of a fixer-upper.

Last year, I stopped wearing flip-flops and actually bought my first pair of sandal-sandals. And earlier this month, I purchased my first pair of pumps. So that’s a step. Which is huge for me as I have 10 pairs of shoes, total. 2 of which are boots, 1 a pair of sneakers, and the rest are work shoes. Guess what I wear most of the time?

I’ve decided that 2009, will be devoted to “bringing it”.

I’m going to make more of an effort to look like a grownup. Things that I am carrying on from last year: purchasing more socks and underwear on a whim than out of necessity (as in when I like something and can afford it, rather than waiting for a sale/or the elastic of to fall out) , keeping to a limited palette of colors to dress myself in (blacks, grays, whites), more basics, etc.

I am slowly learning what I like, what I don’t, and what works on me. My theme for the last couple of years has been “dark princess”, and I don’t myself changing this anytime soon. I like structured things (button-down shirts, polos), dark colors, studs, spikes, chains, bats, and skulls. And ruffles, dear god– I think I snapped up almost everything that was affordable and either pleated or ruffled this summer. Yikes.

That being said, I could see myself in a pair of shoes like these, probably not right now but maybe in the middle of or end of 2009. Living in the big city, will force me to wear heels more often I’m assuming both in terms of work– and actually having a place to wear them too. I live in Colorado. I’m a mountain person. They don’t make Tevas with heels, ha. I kid.

“Sketched Maryjanes” from Moschino’s Cheap and Chic line available at Barneys for $660 here.

I am not going to comment on how not cheap that is. Because it’s not.
* I refuse to elaboarte on this, but if you read a lot of personal/fashion blogs, I’m pretty sure you know what I mean.