I wanted to do a series of these, each one for my three best friends since I’m saving for my future move, and am thus unable to purchase gifts for them (and furthermore ship them) as they are scattered in three different cities this year. So here’s my way of saving that they’re in my thoughts. At least until mid-January when I head towards Austin, New York (February/March) and eventually Philly to visit each one.

This one’s for Chris:
1. Brandon Bird’s “A Night Away”. Homegirl love her Law & Order, that’s all I’m sayin.
2-3. Chuck Taylor All Star Sequins in Magenta and Hunter Wellington Rain Boots in Aubergine. I read in her blog earlier this year, that she had ruined her favorite pair of chucks, while out in the rain since she doesn’t have adequate footwear for the inclement weather. While she does snow well, Chris doesn’t really have much in the way of rain gear.

Also, purple is her favorite color.

Edit: I showed this to her last night, and her reaction? “You know me better than my parents do”. Ha, duh. Dude, I have known you since the first day of our freshman year of high school– we have seen each other at our most awkward. Hell, I am still in my awkward phase.