Why won’t you let me love you? So I’ve been trading messages back and forth with Gregg Gillis after I found out that my friend Pat had called me out in an interview earlier with GT this year. And I’m pretty sure I just got the kiss off (in as polite way as you possibly can). Bummer City, Population: Me.

So then I hop onto YouTube, and this shows up in my “Recommended for You” folder.

Internet, I sometimes hate you.

Things I’m not going to do: create a Girl Talk category on this, pout and mope about it. GT and JP sitting in a tree, playing r-e-c-o-r-d-s…what the hell am I doing? I’m a grown-ass woman.

Edit: Ugh. Pat just told me that his coworker is also interviewing him later on this week, and he told her to mention me. I am going to become some bizarro urban legend aren’t I? Gross.