I just got an e-mail about my first interview since moving out here! Of course, I’ve only been applying to jobs for two days now– but I am an incredible worrier, and I log about a good 5-6 hours each day. Granted I do take some coffee and cigarette breaks because I am not a complete masochist, but still.

Also, I’ve been alerted by one of my “readers” (ha) that she started a RSS feed on Livejournal for this blog. THAT.IS.AWESOME. I’m moving on up in the blogging world.

Right, but what I really wanted to share was The Catalyst. Particularly, their series of Famous People and Their Cats. Some of my favorites:

Gustav Klimt

David Bowie

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Truman Capote

Jane Fonda

And finally:

Hunter S. Thompson