Yesterday was unseasonably warm here. And as for today? It’s currently 56?!. I’ve been hanging out around in the house and the neighborhood in only a t-shirt and jeans, and it is awesome. It’s also deliciously overcast, gloomy, and gray. And while I do enjoy summer, shorts, and little sundresses, sometimes I just want to stalk the streets in weather that’s mirrors my mood. Every now and then I notice that my February Funk (to borrow a phrase from decorator Nick Olsen) has carried over.

Which might explain the Lennox.

And well– I’ve never really gotten over the 90s. Oh the 90s, where everything looked like a bruise.

“Walking on Broken Glass”

“No More I Love Yous”; here’s the link to the actual music video here*. That being said. Love the mouse ears.

“Money Can’t Buy It.”

“Love Song for a Vampire.”

“Legend In My Living Room”.

Other Essential Videos:

All things considered, I feel like this might be a couch dress kind of day.

I haven’t left my bed all day except to either eat, smoke, or use the restroom.  Perhaps this will change if I either get a job and/or chairs and a table.  We’re still working on furniture here.

* For some reason, a lot of music videos on any of the majors is not allowing videos to be embedded.
** Precious also falls into another niche category that I particularly enjoy, ones that feature religious imagery and iconography in the secular frame of music videos. This could be part and parcel of being raised Catholic. Who knows?