Photos from last week.  I went to the Met post-appointment at a temp agency and walked around in the few wings that were still open (they’re undergoing renovations in heels). FML.

Though I really got a kick out of the Henry R. Luce Center for the Study of American Art in the American Wing.

“The Luce Center is the wing’s visible storage facility, displaying more than 10,000 wokrs of American fine and decorative art. Objects are arranged by material (paintings, sculpture, furniture, and woodwork, glass, ceramics, silver, and metalwork), and within these categories they are arranged by chronology and form.”

Things have been kind of crazy in the Art Brut(e) household*, so posting might be slightly more erratic than normal. Also I’ve got two job interviews lined up this week and a lady-date**– so we’ll see. I’m just hoping that I won’t be congested at my first interview tomorrow (in Queens!***)

* Our house guest got mugged last night.
** Usually brunch is somehow involved.
*** Unfortunately not in Forest Hills, so there’ll probably be no Spider-Man sightings.