You have no idea how much I really want/need new shoes. Unfortunately, I have a number of stumbling blocks that are in the way 1) I am still unemployed, 2) shoes cost money that I can neither spend nor justify– for instance my biggest splurge this week was on toilet paper and Kleenex*, and 3) my feet have yet to develop the proper set of calluses from walking all the time. Grandma, is out of shape– and she’s still in the process of mastering getting from place to another in her “interview shoes” (read: heels).

That being said, I kind of like the selection from Marais. They’re a local (New York-based) shoe company started by two Parson’s graduates and offer simple, versatile, and best of all budget-friendly shoes.

My picks:

The Irving” in black.

The Prince” in black.

The Mercer” in nude.

Those of you who see me in my day-to-day life can attest that much like 90% of nature, this female of the species tends to prefer drab and/or neutral colors, i.e. I dress primarily in black, whites, and grays.  Much like a Robin.

Ladies,  knock yourself out at Marais’s website.

* As I am fighting off this season’s gnarliest cold, I think I can spring for brand-name products.