Found in my inbox this morning:

Look. I don’t care if it’s an automated message from Kanye-bot– it still matters to me. Ima lay it on the line right now– if you didn’t know it already, but I fully partake of the Kanye Koolaid. I AM a member of the Kanye West Rhythm Nation.

So yeah, go me. I’m 24 now. Which means in a year I’ll be able to rent a car without extra fees, and I’ll be able to live my life-long dream of commissioning a painting in my likeness and have that do the aging for me Oscar Wilde-style.

In other Art Brut(e) news: I bought a domain. Which means you can reach Art Brut(e), the old way: at or at, whichever’s easiest. I’d like to eventually turn this blog into a fully functional website, where there will still be an ongoing blog, but it will also function as an artist’s website*, and eventually tool to market myself for future employment/personal branding** blah blah blah.

Also on the agenda: business cards. Once again, another step into adulthood and legitimizing myself. I still feel it’s a little weird since I don’t really have a job right now. What do you even put on it? Name, e-mail address and phone number? Ay carumba.  Being a grownup is hard.

* Oh hai art school, remember me? I got a four year degree in you.
** Does anyone else feel kind of douchey when they read about “personal branding”?