Born in Thailand, raised in Sydney on a diet of cartoons, comics and sci-fi movies. Now– don’t get me wrong– I love posting new, young, up-and-coming artists blah blah blah. But once I realize that they’re my age and waaaaay more accomplished than I’ll ever be, I get a little bummed out. It’s like I’m looking at a Mirror Universe version of myself*.

I’m 24. Have a degree. And I work in food prep making bagels. Or at least I was. I’m being “let go”. I thought hunger was recession-proof? But enough about me what do you think of me, here some of my favorites:

Jirat James Patradoon (Website, Blog).
* Guess who saw the new Star Trek movie today? Me. Also the new Wolverine movie as well. Now if I can only decide who I’m more attracted to Zachary Quinto or Spock.