Not sure if you’ve been watching Conan lately. I have. What’s funny is that I’ve been watching him a lot more since a) I moved and b) all of the episodes are now hosted on Hulu. And other than suddenly reevaluating my staunch “No Gingers” policy*, it’s nice to see someone else going thru the same motions I am. It’s not easy to suddenly uproot yourself from where you were comfortable (for lack of a better word) to somewhere else.

I’ve done it for years; my father was career military. And then we settled in Colorado, where I went to high school, and later college. Trust me, it never gets any easier– but it’s even worse feeling stuck and not knowing if you’ll ever leave. I never want to feel that way again.

Which is why I will do anything within my power to stay here.

But I digress. Last week “Coco” showed viewers at home, myself included, his new California driver’s license. And then compared it to the one he had in New York. What’s more during almost every episode he mentions the difference between the two coasts, and oftentimes grills native Angelenos tips about making it in California.


I can only sympathize.

What’s funny is that I’ve actually done some time** in Cali as well. Not in SoCal though. I lived in Norcal (well moreorless in the San Joaquin Valley, down in Fresno), so I understand the culture shock though mine might have been more extreme at the time as I had just moved from Toyko back to the United States. O’Brien lamenting the loss of good bagels and pizza, echoes my cravings for Mexican food. Maybe, just maybe we can work out a trade?

Another blogger and l’enfant terrible going thru the exact issues is Sam from GUN / STAIN. She’s actually a close friend of mine, for who knows how long– that I’ve only managed to talk into blogging as I think more people need to know about her. She’s posting some interesting things over at her blog, mostly about guns, grits and God (an oversimplification sure). Homegirl made the move from Florida to Texas, and is in the process of currently documenting how growing up Southern (with a capitol S) has affected both her outlook, and the art that she creates.  Though there’s talk of her making the move to the Pacific Northwest in the air, so we’ll see.

So there you go. All three of us are slouching towards Bethlehem waiting to be reborn*** chrysalizing in the meantime in our newly appointed adopted cities.

* My new type seems to be 6’4″ with “a shock of red hair”.
** This includes an aborted stay at Catholic school before I was kicked out. My parents errenously thought I wasn’t ready to acclimate to public school after living overseas for so long. Yeeeaaah. Not so much.
*** I was raised Catholic and I have a predeliction towards the Gothic. Deal.