My mother asked me on the phone whether or not I had purchased a pair of winter boots out here yet, and I told her “no”. First of all, I really have no idea how brutal the winters get out here*, and second of all I am miserly and cheap as hell. I also tend to hem and haw over things for a while, so I figure I can use this time and space to brainstorm things I do like.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Postman in Nero Elephant from Stuart Weitzman, $354.00.
Maybe if I save for a six months or a year, I can justify spending this much on shoes. It’s a pity– they’re really cute, and they have a faux-fur lining. Which is awesome considering how cold my feet get year-round. I am thisclose to buying heat-retaining socks because I am an old woman, and I have terrible blood circulation in my extremities; it’s been suggested that I have Raynaud’s phenomenon, but it’s never been tested.

Hunter Kensington’s in Dark Brown Nubuck, $209.
I wish these were in black. Or at the very least, gray.

Man. And then there are these men’s shoes from Vans.

Sk8 Mid Fleece in Mid-Gray/Steel Gray, $65.

Chukka Fleece in Black/Silver Grey, $110.
Boys get all the fun stuff. Why is every girl shoe that’s warm always some weird Ugg-boot or otherwise unforgivably unattractive?


* Ok, New York winters– not impressed. I got here in February and was underwhelmed by the paltry three to four inches of snow that were on the ground, and so did everyone else I knew (most of which are Colorado expatriates such as myself). The last nine years have been spent buried under snow. Literally. Snow usually falls around October in Colorado and lasts until May; this year, the first snow fell around September. And in New York? Not a single flake (which I kind of love to be honest, as a) I hate snow, and b) I hate being cold). Still, sneakers and rainboots are not conducive to keeping my feet warm…

Postman in Nero Elephant from Stuart Weitzman, $354.00.