Pentagram’s “The Deist”.
Only a couple of days now before I see them. Yes!!!

The Sword’s “How Heavy This Axe”. I’m really trying to work on stepping up my game lately and being a “lady” metalhead, emphasis on lady. So I ordered a brooch lately. Only it’s from a Scottish kilt pin, and it’s a battle axe. Alright, so the emPHAsis is on the wrong sylLABLE but it’s a step. And really? Do you think I’d be so conventionally girly? I mean, I’ll read French Vogue, but I listen to Slayer.

The Plasticines “Bitch”.
“This isn’t like your wedding day. Cotillion only happens once.”
I’m tempted to play this video to the hairographer (I just made that word up) at Elizabeth’s wedding this August. I’ve decided that if I’m going to be a bridesmaid again, I’m going to have a bouffant. And Katty Besnard pretty much has my dream hair right now.

Good Shoe’s “Under Control”.
I really do have a soft spot music videos and editorials that feature those that would otherwise be marginalized by western society’s narrow definition of beauty. Personally, not my cup of tea– but look at how confident all of these women are. Now that’s sexy. And the song’s catchy too.

Teriyaki Boyz’s “Tokyo Drift”.
As far as I know this has nothing to do with the movie other than the clips that are sampled for the “video”.

Gary Glitter and Girlschool’s “I’m the Leader of the Pack”.
Killer. Come on, come on, come on, come on…

Motorhead and Girlschool’s “Please Don’t Touch”.

Kelis’ “Trick Me”.

The Kinks “Tired of Waiting”.

La Roux’s “In for the Kill”.

Shannon’s “Let the Music Play”.
My taste in music pretty much shreds any form of masculinity in the room sometimes.

The Spiral Staircase’s “More Today than Yesterday”.

Jenny Owen Young’s (cover of Nelly’s) “Hot in Here”.

Common’s “Testify”.
This is a shower jam, I ain’t gonna front.

American Hi-Fi’s “Flavor of the Weak”.
This was totally my jam when I was 15. I don’t remember the video though– or the fact that’s it’s an amazing send up of Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Oh nostalgia!
Heavy metal rules! Heavy metal rules. All that punk shit sucks. It doesn’t belong on this world. It belongs on fucking Mars man. Seriously, heavy metal– ah, heavy metal definitely rules: Ozzy, Priest, Scorpions, American Hi-Fi, Dokken, it all rules.