British magazine 125 and photographer Max Oppenheim collaborated together to recreate seven portraits of teenage mutants from Charles Burns’ Black Hole series/book, which if you haven’t read is a fantastic read. Seriously. Here’s a couple:

And because Art Brut(e) strives for authenticity, I present you probably the only picture of myself that you’ll see of myself outside of social networking sites, which I keep on lockdown:

That’s me at age 12, and I assure you that’s an actual yearbook photo of myself*. Those of you who are stalkers can see for yourself should you ever drive to Albuquerque and somehow manage to dig up a copy of Kennedy Middle School’s 1996 yearbook album, the rest of you will have to take my word for it. You might recognize the rolled eyes and unkempt bangs from the various avatars I have on Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring, et al. There are several reasons why it’s pretty much the only photo of myself that I’ve posted: 1) it’s consistent and speaks to my own particular of personal branding**, 2) it doesn’t really look much like me anymore, 3) it’s “iconic” in its own way. Someday, when I’m successful and not fully mired in poverty, I hope to actually purchase calling cards with that on it and my contact information. That might be a little down the way though.

Networking ain’t easy, nor is it inexpensive.

* Let me tell you, my mother was none too happy with it at the time. The school photographer made some asinine joke about whether or not I had a boyfriend, and I responded with an eyeroll. It was at that time that he took a snapshot. Mortified, I hid the photos in my locker, until well past retakes and my parents, my school, and everyone who bought a yearbook that year was stuck with that particular image of my mug, which I still find equal parts mortifying and hilarious.
** I’m funny, am firmly entrenched in 90s nostalgia, and I don’t take myself too seriously.