I know things have been a little shaky at Art Brut(e) headquarters. I’ve been working 54 hours weeks lately between my day job, and a brand new internship (well since mid-July), and this week’s been a doozy. There’s a reason why I don’t work more than 55 hours, or at least haven’t since college. Because they’re exhausting and emotionally, physically, and every other -ally draining. Unfortunately, I could use the cash, and when I’m at work– I usually get conned into taking on extra tasks. A lot. I need to rectify that.

So you guys get this, in the meantime: more images, not so heavy on the text here.

I’ve been clearing out my bookmarks– and this might sound stupid or weird, but cleaning out my cache and my desktop actually makes me feel not as cluttered. Which brings us to American painter Kris Lewis (see below).

I think Lewis might be one to watch — as there seems to be a moment in painting where “quirky” portraiture is making a comeback. Here are two of my favorites, enjoy.

“Intrepid Drift”.
Oil on wood.
24in x 18in.

Oil on canvas.
30in x 24in.

For more work, here’s Lewis’ website.