Whoa, big changes happened over here in Art Brut(e) land since the last time I posted. They include but are not limited to, well the following:

  • I quit my job. And I’ve never been happier to finally be out of retail and the service industry in general. Also I’m a little crabby in case you haven’t picked up on that, which isn’t really a personality type that does well when dealing with other people. Thankfully, I was working in a smaller sub-niche of retail that’s known for sour employees*.
  • I got a new job. It’s pretty awesome. We just launched on October 1st. And not since my art-handling days do I look forward to going into work. I still get crippled with a niggling fear that they’ll find out how incompetent I am, and fire me. My big sis assures me that this happens to everyone, and it’s normal to feel this way. I hope so.

Overall, I’m adjusting. On occasion, I’ll pull all-nighters, but on the whole it’s your standard Monday thru Friday, 40 hours gig. My nights are suddenly open. I have weekends. Holy crap, in the last two weeks, I’ve been to brunch twice. I haven’t been brunching in almost two years, mostly because I was a) unemployed, b) poor, c) not paid a living wage, or d) unable to take time off, or any combination thereof.

Which means, I’ve been neglecting this while trying to put my life in order. But on the upside, I’ve:

  • Managed to do laundry twice a month.
  • Even washed my sheets (I’m disgusting I know).
  • Bought new underwear and new socks.

I am out of control.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to since I’ve been making some life renovations:

The Cure’s “Why Can’t I Be You?”
Look at that White Boy Choreography. And they say goths don’t have a sense of humor.

The Black Keys’ “Tighten Up”.

Kele’s “Tenderoni”.

The Kinks vs LCD Soundsystem vs The Beatles Mashup by FAROFF.

Maceo & The Macks’ “Cross the Tracks”.

Motorhead’s “Love Me Like a Reptile”.

The Church’s “Reptile”.
The beginning of this is so killer. Chills up and down my spine. Really.

Eric B and Rahkim’s “Check Out My Melody”.
What’s even cooler about this is that after I mentioned I was listening to them, they both added me on Twitter. WUT. CRAZY. I know. I know!

Megadeth’s “Skin ‘O My Teeth”.

Diamond Rings’ “Show Me Your Stuff”.

Underworld’s “Always Love a Film”.
I want to grow old with dudes like this. Guess it means I need to go babe-watching in front of the Supreme shop…

Toro Y Moi’s “Low Shoulder”.
Roofies, stabbing and satanic rituals. Sounds like a typical Tuesday night to me.

Alice Cooper’s “It’s Me.”

* You know who we are. We are your record store, video store, comic book shop clerks, we are your baristas, we are also your bartenders. What’s funny is that I’ve worked three of the four, and nearly dated another. I’ll let you guess which ones.