Earlier this week, or was it last week — whatever, it was a Monday, and I was at K&M for a friend of mine’s weekly art/writing zine project, the LIMM, because this has now become my weekly routine now that I have normal hours. I get off work at a reasonable hour, and then celebrate by crawling into a couple of beers while bull-shitting and doodling the entire time with the bartenders, and whichever friend of mine that I happen to drag into my orbit that week. Which is good– it’s been a long-ass time since I’ve put pen to paper, and one of my unofficial goals this year (since fall at least) is to surround myself with more creative people.

Really it’s all about the Reeducation of JP.

Better job, better friends, better clothes, better life. Hell– it’s only Wednesday, and you know what I’ve done so far?

  • Laundry.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Got a flu shot.
    OK, this one was really to stop my mother from nagging me anymore. The woman can seriously hold onto a single topic and just needlessly pester you about it, until you give up all hope of having a normal life ever again until you finally acquiesce. She has not forgotten every single horrible thing I’ve done since I was like 5! She’s still angry at the Japanese for the Korean War and she wasn’t even alive then. This is what I’m up against. INSANITY.
  • Opened a Savings Account in NY.
    Full Disclosure: I still have one in Colorado, but I almost never touch it*. That’s my “Get Out of Dodge” money, in case anything happens. The new account is a small little nest egg that I’m building, as I can finally save money again (ah the beauties of not living paycheck to paycheck), and since I’m freelancing now– I’d rather have “extra cash” at the end of the year than freak out when it’s time to pay taxes.

This week has been Get Shit Done Week. And it’s been awesome.

But I digress. The friend who I mentioned at the beginning of my incoherent ramblings mentioned that he read my blog, and in fact had reread it. Which is a little embarrassing since most of the time I believe that I post out into the ether and no one really reads the little brain dribbles that come out of my ear and make their way onto the internet, but made me realize that I should try to be more serious about Art Brut(e) to not only document my time in New York, my personal growth and my so-called brand of “art criticism”. Ha.

So there you go. Expect more shit.

* Except for times when I’m too hammered and accidentally pull that debit card out by mistake. My two bank cards are so similiar in color that it’s an honest mistake to make when sober.