So my friend Patrick and I have known each other since we were both nineteen, and things haven’t changed at all since we’ve known each other. When we talk it’s usually online (since he lives in Colorado and I live here), but the bulk of it — when it’s not soliciting advice (Me, dudes mostly. Him, clothes and whether or not this girl from that dating site is hot or not), or him telling me the dirtiest stories imaginable, is a flurry of link spam that we send each other: newspaper articles, mp3s to listen to, books to read, YouTube videos to watch, TV shows to obsess over– and since the two of us are kind of pop culture locusts, we both consume so much that it’s pretty damn hard to impress the other most of our exchanges will usually be him sending me something with me replying, “Seen it” or me e-mailing him something and he’ll respond with “That’s so old”.

Which is par for the course. Until he sent me something that I’ve already posted here. And I called him out on it. And it turned into an argument where I was like “You don’t read my blog” and then he sent me this screen cap:

Goddammit. You ginger bastard. You win.