I’ve been squirreling away images that I’ve taken from Google Reader, and spelunking the depths of the internet to provide more posts for you reading at home (or the nearest coffee shop that has Wifi). In the meantime, here’s a music post– because everyone likes those. I know I do, they’re quick and easy– and it gives you a simple snapshot to my current musical landscape. Enjoy.

I should note that I’m going to make it a thing where Art Brut(e) is updated once a week on Thursday. Sam of both Studded Magnolia and Gun Stain and I have entered into a blood pact where we’re both on top of our blogging game.

Spacehog’s “In the Meantime”.

Lykke Li’s “Get Some”.

Fuckarias’ “Those Dancing Days”.
They make me think of Swedish Donnas by way of Northern Soul, produced by Ikea Records.

Bare Wires’ “Don’t Ever Change”.
We’ve all seen Rock and Roll High School right? OK, just making sure.

Scissor Sisters’ “Invisible Light”.

Ozzy Osbourne’s “Shot in the Dark”.

Turisa’s “Rasputin” (cover).
R.I.P. Bobby Farrell.

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan’s “Come Undone”.
Kat from nogoodforme.com turned me on to this actually. Super sexy, and down tempo. And no matter what the weather outside my window may be, it’s always the perfect accompaniment.

Joggers’ “Nephicide “.

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem’s “Love Ya to Death”.

AC/DC’s “Let Me Put My Love Into You”.
Putting this on my all-time metal makeout mix… I mean what? No.