I’ve known certain unalienable truths about myself. Like for instance, I lose things. ALL THE TIME. Since grade school* up until now. In the last two months, I’ve lost a scarf, a single glitten**, and worst of all my iPod which I’ve had since college (2006), which means prior to losing it last month– I’ve had the damn thing for five years, which is actually kind of unheard of. Both for me, as it’s kind of a personal best, and who keeps anything that long anymore?  Fortunately, I have an iPod Touch that my boss gave me to use at work, and now I’m going to start using it as Steve Jobs intended– a glorified iPod. Which means I’ll probably be using it more, both at home, and on my commute, instead of just at work. Which means I should probably get a case for it, as I have a tendency to drop, scratch, break and nick things.

Option I:

All of which can be found at Uncommon. Thanks Jamie for the link!

My favorites are probably “Tokyo” and “Hare”. After the novelty had worn off, I’d probably be embarrassed of being a grownass woman carrying something with the last two images printed on it despite how remarkably similar they look to a lot of the Sanrio/San-X stuff I do own. That and I’m generally drawn to and rarely tire of either geometric patterns or really graphic prints.

Option II:

I know, I’m firmly opposed to most things that are either whimsical or twee, but this is so cute! And at $40 dollars it’s available on Kate Spade website.

Option III:

Hello Kitty Hardcase Cover via Ebay.
Thoughts? The Hello Kitty case is by far the cheapest, but I think I might be getting to the point where I have too many Hello Kitty accessories. Then again, most of my Hello Kitty things are either appliances (a toaster, and a waffle maker) or accessories for electronics (for example, my new 4GB flash drive and my camera case).

So I think it might be a toss up between that– and one of the Uncommon Cases.

What do you think?

* My mother has some great anecdotes of me of the times I would either walk home, or get a ride home, and I’d have a lot less layers on than when I left (a jacket or a sweater or an extra shirt would suddenly be gone). Usually, the item in question would be gone by the time I got to the school’s lost in found, or in such disreputable condition that it wasn’t worth the hassle to bring it home.
** Glove + mitten combination. What really stings about this loss, is that it’s one of a pair. Like really? You just left me one? I remember stumbling back home on New Year’s Day looking like a little worse for the wear female version of Michael Jackson with my one glove. Not pretty.