Dawn Tan is a foodie. Most of her work, soft sculptures and illustrations are about food, or feature food prominently. She draws food, sculpts food, documents food both with a food diary and photographs of I’m presuming herself dressed up as food in unusual public spaces, and deconstructs food by illustrating recipes and juxtaposing the finished product with the ingredients that were used to create each dish.

In Tan’s own words her body of work is: “The reason for creating food related art, comes from my intrigue with how packaged food is taking over natural, organic food. The idea of consumption becoming obsessive, how traditional made-from-scratch meals are now replaced often by instant colourful packaged food, serves as a basis for much of the work I create.

My Favorites:

“Untitled” from Marshmallow Lollie 2 Series.

“Untitled” from Marshmallow Lollie 2 Series.

“Untitled” from Homebodies Series.

Gives new meaning to you are what you eat. My personal aesthetic tends to skew towards towards the absurd, not to mention there’s a shared sense of sympathy whenever I see someone willingly put on a stupid costume in public. It might be a side-effect of my previous experience in mascot work. That’s all I’m going to say on the subject, unless prodded– to which I’ll only respond in private e-mail’s because it’s still a little embarrassing 8 years  after the fact.

For more of Tan’s work, check out her website.