Lee Price is a painter who paints hyper-realistic portraits of women eating in small, intimate places like the bathroom, the bedroom, and upholstered chairs from a bird’s eye view. Her attention to detail is incredible, the exaggerated scenes are arresting (I know I can’t stop staring at them, and the images have burned themselves into the back of my brain. Also full disclosure: I have eaten my feelings before, and have fallen asleep passed out in my bed while eating a pizza alone), and her angles are unusual. The entire effect of her work is both intriguing and voyeuristic.

Some of my favorites:

Oil on Linen, 44” x 64”

Oil on Linen, 44” X 54”

“Grilled Cheese”
Oil on Linen, 40″ x 70″

For more of Prince’s work, check out her website here.