I was actually tipped onto Canadian artist Lauren Kaiser series “Angels with Dirty Faces” by my friend Gemma. Not to be confused with the movie James Cagney movie Angels with Dirty Faces, Kaiser’s series features imagined portraits of serial killers when they were children. Other than the subject matter which initially caught my eye because hey, I have a penchant for the macabre and oft times inappropriate — it’s the way in which they were painted that really made it for me. Painted in pastels and outlined, Kaiser’s portraits is evocative of the Golden Books I was weaned on, which I feel juxtaposes both the sweet and sinister qualities of her paintings quite nicely.

Some of my favorites:

“Richard Ramirez.”

“Ted Bundy.”

“Ed Gein”.

“Jeffrey Dahmer”.

For more of Lauren’s work, check out her website here.