This one’s going to be a quickie, since I’m actually trying to adhere by a bedtime (read: anytime before 3AM, ideally in the 1:30-2:30 window if I can help it). So far– well, it’s 1:25AM right now. Things are not looking good.

This is all a part of me slowly trying to do things that are healthier for me: sleeping more, eating less and at the same making dietary changes (no soda, no energy drinks, limiting one’s coffee and alcohol intake, and predominantly chicken and fish when it comes to ingesting meat). I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten increasingly cranky lately. This could be a side effect of “the toxins” leaving my body, or rather my body realizing that I’m depriving it of all the things it loves and enjoys. Thank god, I still smoke.

That being said, Carmichael Collective is an ongoing project from Carmichael Lynch, a creative agency in Minneapolis who first caught my eye with their “Bug Memorials“. Much along the same lines is their project “Urban Plant Tags”.

Urban Plant Tags is a humorous approach to common urban sights such as a park bench, mail box or a street lamp. By creating and placing comically over-sized plant tags detailing care of and treatment of, conditions where each grows best, the lighting it needs, and the space it occupies, these tags allow the viewer to humorously engage with an urban environment that they may have otherwise taken for granted or thought little of prior to the project. And hey, bonus! You now know how to keep a fire hydrant alive.

Some of my favorites:

And it’s 1:47. Made it. Should be in bed by 2AM.