So Spike Lee thinks I’m funny. That’s good to know.

This was on the heels of Spike wearing an unintentionally hilarious outfit at the Knicks/Heat game on Thursday night:

To provide perspective, Lee is an avid Knicks fan. You kind of have to be to live in New York*. Also New York and the rest of the East Coast was/is** in the midst of a Polar Vortex– which means that Lee’s bright orange sleeveless zip-up shell and blue turtleneck were not only practical but demonstrative of his love for his hometown team. Unfortunately, his demonstrative poses and visibly irritated stance during the game likened some comparisons to Will Smith’s “mother” in the title credits of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

This naturally set Black Twitter off, who then created #mamaspike, which might be my my favorite hashtag outside of #talesfromblackfriday and the now defunct #barrioolympics. Buzzfeed, the cultural aggregator that is immediately picked up on it and compiled a best of list of the hashtag, which I then tweeted about. And this is why I love Twitter. It’s an egalitarian platform where anyone and everyone can weigh in on any topic provided it’s 140 characters or less and you’re not cheating by using a shortener like Twitlonger. Furthermore, there’s an immediacy to the medium that lets you communicate in real time on an international level. And just like that, I got a near instantaneous reply from Mookie himself.

Full Disclosure: I am an avid Twitter fiend, and with my recent bout of unemployment I am almost always online. I spend a good portion of my day tweeting in between either looking at or applying to an obscene amount of job applications which means my verbosity and carefully pointed tweets have either led to members of the Twitterati either following or replying to my queries and bon mots. Still, it’s pretty cool to have someone that you admire respond back to you regardless of the circumstances.

As a result, I’m revising my resume again to reflect as a minor (emphasis on minor) Twitter celebrity. Hopefully, this will lead to some job offers or tickets to the next Knicks game.

Please baby, please baby, please baby, baby baby please!

* I think it’s an unspoken bylaw that upon being born or transplanted here, you need to swear allegiance to one of the major sports teams that are here. On that note, I follow the Mets and the Knicks despite my American League affiliation with the Angels and no more Linsanity. Remember Linsanity and how much fun that was?
** I say this as the weather right now is currently in the 50s when days ago we were dealing with negative something temperatures.